Snow, snow, thunder, rain, and yet more snow.


2/13/14 – It snowed. A lot. Again. The above photo was taken sometime after breakfast yesterday morning. Rex seems to be enjoying this winter, and if I had a coat like his I’m sure I wouldn’t mind half as much. My other dog, Loki, on the other hand, is not built for this weather and had little interest in being outdoors. Can’t say that I blame him. And this photo was taken a few hours later, during a lull in the storm. Note the patio table and the railing from one photo to the next.  One day’s snow, and the day, and the snow, are far from over.  We’re expecting another 6 inches before dawn, then another round of 4-6″ from Friday night to Saturday morning.

yet more snow

And me? I just spent the last two hours clearing the latest layer from the driveway and walk. Now, if you’ll all excuse me, I’m curling up in my favorite arm chair with a nice glass of brandy while I watch the Olympics. Which, ironically, was held in Russia rather than New York City, in part because, well, you know. It’s the Winter Olympics, and for that you need a whole lot of top quality snow and ice.  Maybe we could ship some of this white stuff to balmy Sochi — I’m sure they could put it to good use, and I for one, would be happy to see it go.

2/14/14 –  It snowed/sleeted/rained/thundered/sleeted/snowed most of the night. The snow is saturated through and through, and heavy enough that it’s caved in rooftops on some buildings. It’s clearing out now, for a few hours at least, but should return tonight for another round. Meanwhile, my table continues to disappear.


3 responses to “Snow, snow, thunder, rain, and yet more snow.

  1. Too much of a good thing… But at least if you’re snowed up you’ll maybe have more time to write. Would like to read book three before I shuffle off this mortal coil. We’ve battened down the hatches this side of the Atlantic. 100 mph gusts and oceans of rain. Also spring tides – over 10 metres earlier this month. Now a mere 9.70. I can’t decide which is worse: your snow or our wind & rain. Hope your house survives intact. A good brandy helps at times like these. I recommend Remi Martin. Cheers

    • Ann,

      I’ve been following the wind and waves that have been pounding your side of the pond…they’re so massive, they’re difficult to comprehend. Much as I’m weary of this snow, I’d certainly take that over wind gusts and walls of water. The storm systems moving around the globe are growing more disturbing and I’d like to hope it’s just a passing anomaly, but the evidence that it’s more is hard to ignore.

      And yes, I have been writing like mad these days, and hope to have the next book out in the coming months. Now, as for that Remi Martin, I’ll have to track some down. 🙂

      Best regards!

  2. No snow here CE. One winter of driving in the states (over the road trucker) was enough for this little old Aussie, I’ll gladly leave all that snow with you…I’m happy to stay/live on the Australian coast where it was in the 40’s earlier this week…At 29 It’s a little cooler now CE 🙂

    Big hugs to keep all you poor yanks warm 😉

    Bill (In beautiful Australia, beautiful one day, perfect the next 🙂

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