Choosing battles…


Yeah. I know. It’s been a while since I’ve poked my head into the internet. I’m still alive and kicking — more so these days than I’d been in years, thanks to the nifty bit of wires, circuits and batteries I’ve got neatly healed into my chest and heart. I feel like a kid again, and life with Sparky has been great. There’s absolutely no discomfort of any sort now, just a nice, strong, reliable pulse. Now it’s just a matter of catching up on a life that had been sputtering along, and switched to fast-forward in a hurry. So much is clamoring for my attention, and I’ve made a policy of limiting my focus to things most critical for moving forward — thought I’ve yet to determine where it’ll lead, and probably won’t know until I’m down the road and looking back.

I’m back at work, I have been since February, and things went into high gear almost immediately.  Haverstraw Marina is a huge operation, with hundreds of boats to commission and launch, something that takes organization, coordination, and few notes to work off of as we sped quickly into the spring season. Meanwhile, I’m looking at a house overdue on much freshening up, especially if we hope to sell it in a year or two, not to mention a boat that got caught in the crossfire of my failing heart and Frank’s advancing arthritis. Oh, and a novel I barely had time to write. I suppose I’d be overwhelmed if I had the time, but instead I’m just chipping away at the house each morning before work, and have some vacation time blocked out in a few weeks, when the spring madness has abated, to attack getting the boat back afloat. She’s close but time is limited so I’m not making any predictions there. The catch-22 is my job — it’s just a perfect fit for someone with my background and knowledge, provides me a wealth of writing material, as well as the means to downshift and downsize, but little time for said writing or downsizing. It’s the time of year. Spring and fall are crazy-time, while summer will settle into calmer days. And this coming winter, I’m hoping for plenty of writing time next winter to wrap up what is, much like the boat, something close to but not quite finished yet. Yes, next winter. I’ve heard of writers who put a project on a back burner for years before attacking it head-on. Right now there are too many things going on before I can give my writing the attention it deserves. I’m still writing, more and more every day, but not stressing over word counts or much else. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t been online; given the choice between writing and online socializing, killing fictional people wins every time.

As for the present, it’s been anything but dull. Boats by the hundred, in every size and shape, visit or call Haverstraw home port. Two weeks ago, the America berthed with us for a few days. The graceful schooner hosted visits and tours, and many visitors were fascinated to see the massive spars and sails. Most marinas don’t have the space to accommodate a vessel of that size. At 130′ America was the largest of the three 100’+  schooners to tie up in that slip — at least that week.


Schooner America

Even as I avoided the Internet, it seems to have caught up to me. The other morning as I headed down the dock, one of the marina members caught up with me, telling me she’d seen my video on the Internet, and it was great. My video??? The day before, some nice people from the Lower Hudson Journal News had paid us another visit — they’d come down during America’s stay. They were doing a written piece on women on the water, and wanted to speak with me. They asked a few questions, took a few pictures, a few notes, even as my phone kept ringing and boats came in. At one point they asked me to stand still a moment, and the woman with the camera paused, then tried to fix some errant hair (frizz) over my eyes. I told her to give it up, it’s a fight that couldn’t be won, not with wind, humidity, and my genetics. I gave up on that years ago. They took a few still shots and we were back on the move. If I sound a bit out of breath in some of the sound bites, it’s because I was moving at a brisk clip as they followed, answering questions as they were recording. Here’s me, pretty much saying anyone who wastes their time and money on boats is insane. Which we are.



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  1. So glad you’re feeling fit. Just watched your video so now I can put a voice to your image. Am keeping fingers crossed that you get your writing done by next year. (Am afraid I’ll drop off the twig before I know what happens to Hazel and the gang) There’s a great variety of boats in your marina. (Btw, my daughter-in-law spent 6 months last year working in Monaco and my son photographed some unbelieveably glamorous floating palaces. Those Russian oligarchs get everywhere! On the other hand, last year Prince Albert of Monaco (son of Grace Kelly) visited our small local yacht-club and our lifeboatmen’s local pub, which is owned by friends of ours. Got on well with ordinary boat enthusiasts and the pub regulars.) Appreciate the blog update.

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