Monthly Archives: November 2016

Things have changed…

The world in general, my life, and even the interface with this blog. ( I used to know my way around the dashboard, but nothing looks the same.) But I was long overdue to stick my head in, if only to make a few corrections, such as the heading.  My Dockmaster days have wound to an end – management made some restructuring changes, and with the hire of a new marina manager, I was gently told my presence was no longer required.

Uhm…?  I didn’t see that coming. On the other hand, the whole drive in that morning, I’d been imagining how nice it’d be to hear those words. And while I was a bit stunned, that barely registered over the racket from my muses, cheering raucously  inside my brain. I shrugged and replied, “Okay.”

That’s me. I roll with whatever you throw at me. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved that place and the many people I came to know in my time there. And I do wonder how management will fare with their restructuring strategies, but I came to realize as long as I worked there, the constant and never-ending work, while enjoyable, was consuming all my energy and leaving me with nothing, creatively speaking. As long as I had that wonderful job, surrounded by boats and the river and some of the most amazing views, I was NEVER going to finish a book that should have been finished far too long ago. I watched boats come and go daily, traveling to all points, while I’d never finish my own boat, I’d never cruise beyond that spot, or do much of anything else. In short, as good as it was, I wasn’t headed where I wanted to be.

Still, it was a great job, paid great, was perfect for someone with my knowledge and skills. I loved that job. On the other hand, I had a great book -or at least an idea, and a clusterf*ck of notes, random chapters, passages, of what could be a great book if I ever finished it. On the trajectory I’d been following, that wasn’t happening. I’d written and published two books, but I was never going to finish the third. Ideas were already piling up for a fourth story, but that would never happen, not at the rate I was going. Something had to change.

And change it did.

Side note: Be careful what you wish for. And be more specific. Sometimes change comes in forms you don’t expect. Now I had all that time to write…I just had to make it work.   Workdays start early and go late. With batteries to keep me running, I’m writing at a strong pace.  I’d done it twice before with a struggling heart. I could do it again. I worried that the story had become the literary equivalent of too-many times reheated leftovers, so I ditched anything unappetizing or stale, and started from square one. And I re-re-re-re wrote the whole damned thing from beginning to end. Yes…THE END!

Now, we descend into REVISION TIME, cleaning up my notes and facts, smoothing the bumps, or making them even bumpier as need be.  I’ll be leaving a trail of potato chip crumbs, half-empty (full?) cups of cold tea, and disturbing internet searches if anyone’s looking for me. Once I finish this pass, and I’ll be shaking the trees for those brave and daring beta readers. And no, I’m not projecting times – we’ve all seen how that’s worked out. I’m just going to keep on the routine I have now – that completed this draft in half the time I expected.

I should have done this weeks ago, actually, but I’ve been a bit too busy. I only took a break now to eat lunch update a few things. And I’ll be online from time to time, but as for now, I’m going back to work murder and mayhem with my oh-so-twisted muses.