Here she is, a collection of leaks loosely assembled into the shape of a boat:

Annabel Lee – 1977 Cheoy Lee 32′ Trawler

Built in Hong Kong by Cheoy Lee Shipyards, she cruises contently at a sedate 7 knots through hell or high water, burning a mere one gallon an hour, and her 80hp Lehman diesel can run just fine on biodiesel. She draws 4.5′, (the specs state 3.5, but my ruler reads otherwise,) weighs in just under 20,000 lbs., holds 360 gallons of fuel, 200 of water, and carries full electronics. Aboard, there are V bunks forward, a head with shower, full galley with 4 burner propane stove/oven, fridge, pressurized hot & cold running water and LOTS of teak.

1977 cheoy lee 32 trawlerChunky indeed.  Open the image to read all the fine print.

This gives a better idea of her actual size. She’s a BIG  31′ 11″.

(Please pardon the mess here — we’d been underway a few days.)

Our crew, underway…

And awaiting shore leave.

Moxy’s bunk.  Rules are, all small children and such must wear their PFDs (and leashes) while underway.

For a rundown on far too much that we’ve been doing aboard, just click HERE for the latest on the ongoing and seemingly endless insanity restoration.

Mmmmh!  Good stuff!

9 responses to “ANNABEL LEE

  1. I bought (my husband saw it when we took delivery) a 1981 35′ Cheoy Lee Sedan Trawler (oringinally ‘Laramie’ out of Sidney, BC. In October, 2010, she went into the shed and I, with the help of a worker bee pulled the teak deck and screws ( millions, I swear) off her flybridge and deck. The worker bee then laid a layer of roving and mat and glassed it over. Kiwi Grip was then painted on. Unfortunately, the weather in the Pacific Northwest went bad about the time we pulled it out of the shed, so little things (like blue tape) remained all winter. Amongst other things, we had the house painted with two part awl grip. Of course, if my spouse is doing a task, he becomes more willing to do it the easy way; the back of the house and the underside of the cockpit cover will be painted with 1 part petit. However, I still need to replace the window (2 are cracked and they are scratched). Are you going there and do you have any suggestions? P. S. I love cruising Echo II through the San Juans and up into Canada. Linda

  2. Forgot that we also had laminated beams (5) made of Mahogany for the interior of the cabin, support for the flybridge. For the headliner, my husband put up battens and then attached 3/32″ bead board between. I painted it white before it went up – looks great and allows easy access to wiring.

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  5. i have the same 74 choey lee trawler not done yet tho . hay nice job

  6. Hello Ken,
    I’d love to see any pictures of the work you’ve done and hear about the projects you have planned. They are wonderful boats, and despite the work they require as they’ve reached this age, I don’t think there’s much else out there that compares to their construction and comfort.

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