v. – to cease to sleep, to be or remain awake rouse from sleep, to stir or excite
v. – to be brought into a heightened state of awareness hold vigil, to stand watch over the body of a deceased person before burial
n. – The waves or track left by a vessel or other object moving through water
n. – The aftermath, often referring to path of destruction, such as in the wake of the hurricane

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”
– George Santayan, 1863-1952

Hazel Moran, the tough truck-driving amateur sleuth introduced in C. E. Grundler’s debut novel, Last Exit in New Jersey, returns in this dark and twisting sequel.

Seven years ago, someone destroyed Jake Stevenson’s dreams by murdering his fiancée, Helen Matthews, and her family. Since then, tracking down the one responsible—and making the person pay—has consumed his life. Stevenson thinks the truth behind the killer’s identity and motive might still lie in the most elusive place—buried within the mind of a semi-mad man. But Stevenson may have found the means to unlock Hammon’s suppressed memories, and cleverly he draws Hazel into his hunt. Can she trust Stevenson, or does he have a hidden agenda? Hazel has her suspicions—but she has her own reasons for playing along.

While there’s no question he’s insane, Hammon still has enough sense to question Stevenson’s motives, and his loyal companion, Annabel is even more concerned. To protect Hazel from becoming the next casualty of a forgotten history now repeating itself, they must retrace a treacherous path of deceit and murder. But Annabel thinks Hammon is going about everything entirely wrong, and she has decided it’s her turn to start calling the shots, whether Hammon likes it or not. And when, again, someone very close to Hazel dies, she’s pushed to the edge. The facts all point to suicide, but Hazel isn’t buying that. She’s determined to prove it was murder, and she’s closing in on answers, only to find someone is changing the questions. No one she trusts will hear her out; they’re all certain she’s in denial and becoming unstable. But when has presenting a serious threat to herself and others ever stopped Hazel?

As her hunt travels from New Jersey to a Manhattan rave and a vacant construction site outside LaGuardia Airport, it’ll take all of Hazel’s tough, fearless, no-nonsense smarts to navigate a complex and dangerous trail of clues. How far will some people go to hide the truth? And how far will she go for vengeance?


UPDATE:  No Wake Zone will be available 05/08 22/12 under the Thomas & Mercer imprint. I would like to thank everyone out there who has helped me reach this point, from those of you who have to deal with me first hand as I walk around plotting murders to the growing number of readers who have enjoyed my story. I do wish to apologize; you’ll all have to wait just a bit longer for No Wake Zone. I originally planned to have it out by late fall of 2011, but my publisher (wow, did I just say that?!) will be putting the professional polish on both books for a Spring 2012 launch.

5 responses to “NO WAKE ZONE

  1. Hope it will be out soon. Running out of good fun books to reade…
    The first one was a real kick. Got it on my reader from Amazon for.99
    cents. And glad I did. Looking for the next story..

  2. I have to exhale…I’ve been holding my breath, waiting for “No Wake Zone” and now I find it won’t be ready until spring.

    I enjoyed your posts. I built an experimental aircraft and the process is similar except that boat parts look a lot heavier. Also, some of my kids live in Sea Bright.

    thinking about your third book yet?

  3. Hi Rob,
    Sorry for the delay, but I think the extra polishing No Wake Zone will be getting with the professional editing will make it worth the wait.

    I’ve always been fascinated by experimental aircraft, though I’ve always kept my pursuits at sea-level.

    And yes, plots and plans are already well underway for a third in the series; I’ll be starting on that this January. For book three the gang and a few new additions will return for a bit of payback (it all ties to Joe’s shady past) in the form of a heist of sorts. There’ll be a bit less murder but much more mayhem.

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  5. Have you any idea of a possible publication date for book 3? I imagine the hurricane would have seriously disrupted your schedule. We have lots of weather this side of the Atlantic (especially the bit where I live which is statistically the wettest city in the UK) but nothing at that level. Hope we don’t have too long a wait!

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