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Kitties meet Vista…

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No, the kitties haven’t pwned my computer.  The last few weeks, I’ve been in ‘revision’ mode, working on edits. Funny how sometimes you can’t see the forest for all the trees, and I needed to do some pruning, replanting, and fertilizing. I finally finished, only to have Vista screw me over, (see previous post), but I think I fixed most of that.  Unfortunately, due to generally crappy weather, the start of ‘get boat ready for launch’ is in holding for yet another weekend.  Damn! Oh well. Another weekend of chores around the house and writing. Let the mayhem continue!

I know it’s been said before by so many others…

funny cat picture, lolcats on interwebs

Well HERE’S your problem! Your intertubes are clogged with lolcats.


I won’t even go into the many reasons we’ve all sadly been subjected to, as that horse has been beaten by others far more tech-savvy than I.  And I won’t discuss how it conflicts with an otherwise reliable navigation program I was running on a laptop last fall, shutting everything down just as it’s getting dark and we’re approaching a tricky inlet with rollers curling over the breakwalls. Yet another reason why you always keep paper charts out and ready, and stick to them. Electronics are only a backup. But that’s another story.

Most times, I write on my vintage 1998 Toshiba laptop, 3 pounds of portability wrapped in a bumper-sticker covered titanium case. I’ve vowed not to replace it until (gods forbid) it stops working or something that better suites my needs comes along. Needless to say, the old Toshiba keeps ticking away, running Windows 98SE. I’d love to bring it up to XP, but if it ain’t broke…

There is one shortcoming this little ‘puter has. Norton’s antivirus has bloated to such a point, it slows the limited memory and such down to a virtual stand-still. So I’ve stopped with the vaccinations, removed Norton’s, and basically don’t go on line with the laptop. It’s purely for writing, and I have a new desktop for all online activities. This actually makes the laptop ideal for writing, because it’s eliminated all other distractions. However, it means if I’m printing or sending a file, it goes to on a USB chip and into the new computer. As I’m working, Vista tells me it’s found some new updates, and wants to reboot to install them. Click ‘NO’. As in, I decide when you reboot, and I’m busy now. I’m down to some final revisions, a mere word here, punctuation there. I’m making some last fixes, and ……..


Oh, wait. The computer’s turning back on. Vista has updated (thank you so very much) and almost seems pleased with itself. Oh, and here’s your file, recovered since your last save.

Omit extensive cursing, similar to when the nav program on the boat went black.

Okay, Everything seems alright. And I’m tired. And back on course. I just want to get done.

And everything looks okay.

But it wasn’t. I’d lost changes. But which ones.

Thankfully, like paper charts, I keep paper notes.