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Snow day…

The forecast said it wouldn’t start until 4am-6am, but by 1:30 this morning the ground was already covered. Why was I up? It seems every animal in the house, including those who never set foot outdoors, was awake, likely due to some barometric/atmospheric/lunar combination. So I didn’t get much sleep. But it’s a snow day, and I don’t have to leave the house today, so I could sleep late? Yeah, right. Frank’s up early for the bus, so now it’s 5:30, and I’m moving now, so I might as well shovel the 5″ while it’s still light and fluffy, before it doubles. Shovel the drive, the walks, the deck, while the dogs go wild in the yard. I’m soaked through by time I’m done, so I head straight to the shower. Feed animals, cook breakfast, and on to the computer. I’ve been on a roll the last few days, writing well into the night, overflowing with thoughts of mayhem and making wonderful progress.

These late February days recharge my batteries. The snow is just a passing thing. The days keep growing longer, and the trees are already shaded faint red with hints of buds. Within weeks the ground will be muddy, then green. The cover comes off the boat, and the real work begins. As I write this, I’m surrounded by boxes of gear, replenished through the winter, just waiting to be stowed aboard. I need to check the control cables on the bridge, they were sticking last fall, and I think there’s air in the steering hydraulics. Scraping the bottom, repainting, and countless other things I don’t even know yet.

It’s still snowing, and should be for hours. I’ll have to shovel again later, and set off some more fireworks tonight. Right now, I think I’ll take a short nap!

A lovely night to blow something up…

It started snowing here around noon, and by dark several inches had accumulated, coating everything in a shimmering blanket. The dogs couldn’t be happier, rolling around and running figure eights in the yard. Everything is tranquil and beautiful… in other words, a perfect night for FIREWORKS!!!

Truthfully, just about anything is a good excuse for fireworks. New Years, birthdays, the Giants win the Superbowl, and of course, the Fourth of July. Any celebration. Or just any old day when blowing something up will blow off some stress. Fortunately, my neighbors have become accustomed to these random unannounced pyrotechnic displays, and usually just come out to watch as I set off a few fountains and mortars. But snow is one of the prettiest settings for fireworks, reflecting the colors in a way photos can’t capture.