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Going places I haven’t been… at least not yet

A kind reader (who I’ve never met firsthand but have corresponded with from the time they read Last Exit in New Jersey) brightened my email this morning with these lovely photos, taken in Palm Island, in the Grenadines, and looking at them, I can almost feel the warm sand between my toes and imagine that mine is one of the boats moored close by, in a secluded cove. Sigh. All in good time.

As an author, there’s something very cool about realizing that among the luggage one person chose to pack for this trip to paradise, they made space to include my book, and it makes me even happier to know they took the time to snap these photos and send them my way.  The path of a writer is a bumpy one, but it’s unexpected moments like these that make me smile and keep me going. (And these pictures give me even more of a push to get the boat back together and underway!)

Launch day…

It’s official. We have launched. No, not the boat — by my pictures it’s pretty obvious that’s going to take a bit more time. But today is the release date for No Wake Zone. So, for all of you who read Last Exit in New Jersey and have been patiently waiting to learn what’s next for Hazel, Hammon, Annabel, and Stevenson, here’s your chance. Happy reading, everyone!

(And for anyone who hasn’t read Last Exit yet, it seems that Amazon has currently discounted it to $.99.)

Heading into No Wake Zone…

Sometimes it’s tricky to pin down the right cover for a new book, and that was certainly the case with No Wake Zone.  And while a blazing explosion may at first glance seem an odd choice, I can assure you it ties perfectly into the story.

The release date for No Wake Zone has been moved back from May 8th, however, so you’ll all have to wait another two weeks to learn the significance of this inferno reflecting off the water. The official date is May 22, 2012.

Getting closer…

I’d been looking forward to February, knowing that things would start to kick into high gear. And sure enough, just as I’m plotting and scheming my way into the start of book three, Evacuation Route, advance read copies, cover designs and release dates are coming in for the last two books. So here they are.

The very polished and re-edited edition of Last Exit in New Jersey will officially re-launch on March 6, 2012, and No Wake Zone is set for release on May 8, 2012.

Thomas & Mercer wanted to give Last Exit a new, grittier, more hard-boiled cover that hinted to the nautical angle of the story, and to keep a consistent look with both books. And while I was fond of my cover, with the actual Parkway sign for the title and hood of my old Dodge on the Parkway at 3 a.m., I think their design is a better match for the story.

Yesterday I received four concepts for No Wake Zone’s cover, and one really jumped out at me. I suggested a minor change that they are currently addressing, and I should have a finalized cover in the coming days, and we’ve finalized the promo text as well. So for all of you wondering just what happens after the conclusion of Last Exit, here’s a hint:

Hazel Moran, the tough truck-driving amateur sleuth introduced in C.E. Grundler’s debut novel, Last Exit in New Jersey, returns in this dark and twisting sequel.

Seven years ago, someone destroyed Jake Stevenson’s dreams when they murdered his fiancée, Helen Matthews and her family. Since then, tracking down the one responsible – finding them and making them pay — has consumed his life. Stevenson thinks the truth behind the killer’s identity and motive might still lie in the most elusive place – buried within the mind of a semi-mad man. But Stevenson may have found the means to access Hammon’s suppressed memories, and cleverly he draws Hazel into his hunt. Can she trust Stevenson, or does he have a hidden agenda? Hazel has her suspicions — but she has her own reasons for playing along.

Hammon and Annabel also question Stevenson’s motives. To protect Hazel from becoming the next casualty of a forgotten history now repeating itself, they must retrace a treacherous path of deceit and murder. But Annabel thinks Hammon is going about everything entirely wrong, and she’s decided it’s her turn to start calling the shots, whether Hammon likes it or not. And when, again, someone very close to Hazel dies, she’s pushed to the edge. The facts all point to suicide, but Hazel isn’t buying that. She’s determined to prove it was murder, and she’s closing in on answers, only to find someone is changing the questions. No one she trusts will hear her out; they’re all certain she’s in denial and becoming potentially unstable. But when has presenting a serious threat to herself and others ever stopped Hazel?

As her hunt travels from New Jersey to a Manhattan rave and a vacant construction site outside LaGuardia Airport, it’ll take all of her tough, fearless, no-nonsense smarts to navigate a complex and dangerous trail of clues. How far will some people go to hide the truth? And how far will she go for vengeance?

Are we there yet?

It’s official. As of today, the edited draft of No Wake Zone heads off to the nice people over at Thomas & Mercer. I still have more tasks ahead, finalizing the promotional text and looking over cover designs. The wheels are already turning at T&M for a spring release, and as soon as I have more official info I’ll be posting it here. But as for writing No Wake Zone, I’m done.

Done. Time to kick back, catch my breath, and catch up on life outside the madness of my fictional world. Yep. Done. No more dealing with my admittedly insane characters, who really need some lessons in communication skills and still refuse to play nice. I’m done.  Finished.

I can relax.

Or not. Already my muses are whining like a bunch of bored, restless children on a long road-trip. They won’t shut up. No. They want mayhem! They want chaos! They’re plotting away; they want my crazy characters to pull off a heist, and not get themselves killed or kill anyone else (unless absolutely necessary, and we all know how that goes,) in the process. And the forecast doesn’t look good.

So yes, the gang will return. We’re out of the No Wake Zone, and now it’s time to make some waves. Lots of waves, in fact, because there’s a hurricane headed this way, and as of this morning, I’ve already started work on book three:
Evacuation Route.

And here’s my last two posts at Write on the Water:

But how did you get here??

Prepping for launch day…

Inevitable revisions…

(Brought to you by The Mighty Red Pen)

Yes, I knew they’d be coming, and I’m currently working my way through the edits on No Wake Zone. Once again, it’s my wonderful editor, David, showing me the forest for all the trees in his insightful and often humorous way. But as with Last Exit, this phase has become all-encompassing, monopolizing my time and focus, and in the process I’ve let some other things slide, least of which being this blog. Put it this way: Readers may wonder where I get my ideas for Hammon’s diet, attire and general behavior — but anyone who knows me personally has no doubts. (And yes, I do eat Pringles while I work.) That aside, I’ve been good about checking in with Write on the Water, and here’s a run-down of the last four Thursday’s posts:

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On that last post, I should have included posting here more regularly, which is on my list of intentions. The upcoming months promise to be busy ones, and between the launch of two books and some exciting work we have planned this year for Annabel Lee, I should have plenty to post about.

A quick note to all…

To everyone who knows me in any manner, from on-line to the boatyard, my neighborhood, or wherever else: I am currently deep in the process of wrapping up No Wake Zone so I can slap a bow on the top and send it off to my editor as an early Winter Solstice present. If you’ve emailed me, posted me in FB, passed me as I raced through the grocery store or noticed a Dodge-shaped blur on the street, please understand if I haven’t responded. It’s nothing against anyone, really, it’s just that I’m mentally immersed in my imaginary world, and have little brain-cells left for anything beyond that. I promise, ten more days of this and then I will acknowledge the real world and its inhabitants, at least briefly, before I hit the inevitable revisions I know lie ahead.

And now, back to the mayhem for me!