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Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

1977 to 2009.  32 years of Annabel Lee’s maintenance log, transcribed to computer. Over three decades of oil changes, injectors drained, impellers changed, heat exchangers cleaned, zincs replaced, stuffing box repackings, countless filters, and other standard maintenance. Then the not so day-to-day, the Racor fuel filter installed (2/85),  a new water heater (7/88), rebuilt alternator,(7/95), oil cooler replaced (6/97), and a new propeller (4/03).  There’s the major changes and upgrades, like enlarging the rudder (4/85) new radar and gps (7/98) and a new windlass (8/98), just to name a few.  And then there’s the curious, head-scratching, why-did-they-do-(or need to do)- that-stuff, like the replacement cutlass bearing caulked in place with 5200 (why?) (11/97) and the Morse dual lever (WHY??) helm controls (8/98).

The world may never know.

Good things about February…

Busy busy busy. Yep, it’s that time of year again. Days are getting longer, the sun stays up just a bit more each day, and that means work begins again on Annabel Lee. I spent the last week entering 30 + years of logged maintenance, written in a little black book passed from owner to owner, into an excel spreadsheet. The records are invaluable, the only problem being each owner had a different system of logging, so trying to figure what was replaced when and why would jump from section to section. Sorted by date and engine hours, I can better determine what’s due (and overdue) for attention. Oh the work ahead!

On another happy note, the first crocuses have nudged their way through, just tips of green, but a start all the same.