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All in good time…

If I recall, months ago I said I’d put on some pictures from the summer as soon as I had some free time. How optimistic of me! Free time. HA! If only.

All the same, here’s a few long overdue shots of the crew on warmer days past.


Up the river a bit… Rules are, all small children and such must wear their PFDs (and leashes) while underway. The dogs have run of the cockpit and salon, though we have to leave the lockers open so they don’t step up to the side decks or go forward.



Once we’re docked, jackets come off and everyone gets a walk ashore. Then Moxy naps in her favorite spot.

I really should be posting something…

…but right now I’m too busy working, writing, and trying to squeeze every last minute into boat time before they start pulling the docks out and I’m counting the days till spring. I have wonderful pictures of cruising up and down the river, beautiful scenery, the dogs hanging out on deck and lots of other good stuff, but you’ll all just have to wait until I’ve got nothing better to do and maybe I’ll post them. Right now the days are getting shorter, chillier, and the trees are starting to change.  I won’t give up without a fight!