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All in good time…

If I recall, months ago I said I’d put on some pictures from the summer as soon as I had some free time. How optimistic of me! Free time. HA! If only.

All the same, here’s a few long overdue shots of the crew on warmer days past.


Up the river a bit… Rules are, all small children and such must wear their PFDs (and leashes) while underway. The dogs have run of the cockpit and salon, though we have to leave the lockers open so they don’t step up to the side decks or go forward.



Once we’re docked, jackets come off and everyone gets a walk ashore. Then Moxy naps in her favorite spot.

New pictures…

I’ve started putting pictures online of the recent voyage. More will follow, along with a rundown of the trip’s high (and not so high) points.

So much to do, so little time!

Back to shore…

I’ve been gone the last week, some by road, most by sea, moving Annabel Lee down the coast from the north side of Cape Cod and down through NYC’s waters and up the Hudson to her new home in Piermont. The weather, for the most part, combined with a non-operational lower helm, conspired to make this a rough, cold, wet trip.

But in the end, we made it in one somewhat rattled piece.

I’ll elaborate further over the coming days. Right now I’m too wiped out!